I thought the home try-on was free, why do you need my credit card information?

Updated 2 months ago by Kelly Shockley

Our home try-on program is completely free, but during the checkout process, you will be asked to provide a valid debit or credit card number before completing your order. 

Although the home try-on is free, we require your credit or debit card information for security reasons. If you do not return your home try-on, or if the returned wedding bands are damaged, we will need to charge the card on file for the retail price of the wedding bands. In order to avoid this charge, please make sure that your return portal is completed within the allotted 5-day trial period and your home try-on package is dropped off at your local post office within 48 hours of completing your return portal (don’t worry - we will send you a reminder email). If your home try-on period ends on a weekend or holiday, go ahead and close out of your return portal and drop your home try-on in the mail on the next available day. However, we know that life happens and this is a big decision - just let us know if you need a couple extra days to try on your wedding bands and we can work something out with you. 

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