How does the home try-on work?

Updated 11 months ago by Kelly Shockley

First, you choose five bands for your home try-on and place your order. Once your home try-on arrives, you will have five days to try on the sample wedding bands, firm up your ring size with the provided ring sizing tool, and officially complete your home try-on via your personal customer return portal - during which you will either purchase a wedding band or let us know that you will not be purchasing. This last step is very important to avoid being charged in full for the bands in your home try-on. After you've completed your home try-on via your return portal, you will have two days to initiate the return of your home try-on by dropping your package off at USPS. You will be sent a series of detailed instructional emails to help you throughout the entire home try-on process and ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines! If you are not ready to place your wedding band order at the end of your home try-on period, that's okay. You can come back to our site to purchase your wedding band at any time!

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