How much is the home try-on?

Updated 1 month ago by Stephanie

The home try-on itself is a free service, but we will place a $50.00 authorization hold on your card through the duration of your home try-on period. Once your home try-on has been completed and returned back to Hitched, we will charge you just $9.95 to cover the cost of shipping both ways. The rest of the authorization will drop off completely. Please note that pre-paid cards, gift cards, or temporary cards are not acceptable for the home try-on.

IMPORTANT: If you do not return your home try-on bands within the allotted time frame, we will need to charge the card on file for the full price of each band. In order to avoid this charge, your home try-on return should be initiated by the fifth full day after delivery (we'll send you an email reminder). If your home try-on period ends on a weekend or holiday, go ahead and close out of your return portal and drop your home try-on in the mail on the next available day. If you need to extend your home try-on period, please reach out to our customer support team at +1 (888) 927-4186 or or by clicking "CONTACT" in the upper right-hand corner of this screen.

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