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What is Hitched?

Hitched is a wedding band company that offers quality bands at affordable prices and allows customers to choose five wedding bands try on at home for five days before purchasing. We provide customers with a fun, easy, convenient way to try on their w

How is Hitched different than a jewelry store?

Unlike traditional wedding band shopping, Hitched provides you with a comfortable in-home experience where you can save time and money while also avoiding the pressure of a pushy salesperson. We allow you to try on 5 wedding bands, get your perfect r

How is Hitched different than other online retailers?

Unlike regular online wedding band shopping, there is no guesswork and minimal upfront costs with Hitched. Not only will you have the opportunity to firm up your ring size before placing your final order, but you will have five hand-selected rings to

If I want to try on a wedding band in person, where can I go?

If you are interested in coming into a showroom near you and trying your wedding band on in person, we have showrooms in Philadelphia and Chicago! Book an appointment with one of our associates online here or call +1 (888) 927-4186!