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Home Try-On

How much is the home try-on?

The home try-on itself is a free service, but we will place a $50.00 authorization hold on your card through the duration of your home try-on period. Once your home try-on has been completed and returned back to Hitched, we will charge you just $9.95

How does the home try-on work?

First, you choose from one of our home try-on kits or build your own customer kit and place your order directly on our website. Once your home try-on arrives, you will have five days to try on the sample wedding bands, firm up your ring size with the

What's included in the home try-on?

When you order a home try-on from Hitched, we provide you with all of the tools and resources that you need to pick out the perfect wedding band. In addition to the five wedding bands, we include the following elements:Home Try-On GuideThe home try-o

What if I don't know my ring size?

If you don't know your ring size, we recommend using The Ring Size App™ By Hitched or  our printable ring sizing guide to solidify your ring size before placing your home try-on order.  Don't have access to a printer or phone? The average men's ring

How long do I have to try on my wedding bands?

With Hitched, you can try on five wedding bands for five days (including weekends). We understand that you are busy, so a five-day home try-on window will give you plenty of time to try-on the bands, firm up your ring size by sizing throughout the da

If I order a home try-on, am I required to purchase a wedding band?

You are under no obligation to purchase one of the wedding bands you try-on, or a wedding band at all. If you want to purchase a wedding band that was not in your home try-on, you can check out on our website at any time.

What if I want to order a second home try-on?

You can absolutely do another home try-on! We want all of our customers to find their perfect wedding band. Each home try-on requires a credit card authorization and the cost of shipping, so we recommend trying a variety or styles and sizes in your f

Can I complete a home try-on for your women's bands?

You sure can! You can try on 5 of our women's wedding bands with our pre-curated women's home try-on kit. Order yours here!

Are the gold and platinum home try-on bands real gold and platinum?

We cannot and do not ship real gold or platinum bands out in our home try-ons. For our white gold and platinum bands, we ship silver replica bands. Please note that a white gold and platinum bands will look exactly the same in a home try-on, so it is

Why can't I just keep the wedding band I try on at home?

A few reasons. First and foremost, we reuse the wedding bands for the home try-on. All rings are cleaned, sanitized and polished before being sent back out for another home try-on. Your final purchase will be a brand new, never-worn band that is clea

What happens if I don't return my home try-on in time?

We understand you're human and things happen. If you need to extend your home try-on period, please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected] and we can work with you on extending your try-on by a couple days. If you do not reach

My wedding is coming up, do I still have time to order a home try-on?

If you have two months or more until your wedding day, you have plenty of time to order and complete a Hitched home try-on, and have your wedding band in time for the big day. Our normal ship times are 8-10 business days. If you need your wedding ban