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How does the home try-on work?Updated 2 years ago

First, you choose from one of our home try-on kits or build your own customer kit and place your order directly on our website. Once your home try-on arrives, you will have five days to try on the sample wedding bands, firm up your ring size with the provided ring sizing tool, and ship them back to us using the pre-paid return label provided. This last step is very important to avoid being charged in full for the bands in your home try-on! If you are not ready to place your wedding band order at the end of your home try-on period, that's okay. You can come back to our site to purchase your wedding band at any time using the discount code provided. 

All home try-on kits, including our custom home try-on kit, requires a $50 non-refundable deposit. The deposit covers the home try-on service itself, labor required to pack your order, and shipping of the kit both ways. And while the deposit is non-refundable, after placing your order you will receive a $50 off discount code that can be applied towards your wedding band purchase. Please note that pre-paid cards, gift cards, or temporary cards are not acceptable for the home try-on. 

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