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PlatinumUpdated 2 years ago

Platinum is one of the world's rarest metals, but is it right for you? Read all about the pros and cons of Platinum wedding bands below:


Platinum is very strong and durable

Platinum is incredibly dense and does not scratch, splinter or chip easily.

Platinum is hypoallergenic

Platinum does not need to be alloyed with any other elements, making it a great option for those with nickel allergies. If the person wearing the wedding band has sensitive skin, wearing metals other than platinum could cause rashes or other side effects.

Platinum is very low maintenance

Platinum does not require much care, making it a great investment despite the high cost.


Platinum is more expensive

Platinum is an extremely rare, high quality metal. Platinum is more dens than gold, so more of it is used when making a ring resulting in it being more expensive.   

Platinum is only available in one color

Platinum is naturally a silvery-white color and is not alloyed with other metals, making it only available in one color.

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