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Ring Sizing

How do I find my ring size?

While we always recommend using our easy home try-on program to find a proper fit, you can use our online ring sizing guide to help you determine a preliminary fit for a pleasant home try-on experience.  If you are in a time crunch and must order dir

How should my wedding band fit?

A ring should slide easily and effortlessly over your knuckle. Once it is in place, it should not be tight or uncomfortable. If you move the ring toward the back of your ring finger, there should even be a small space between your finger and the ring

Does Hitched offer ring resizing?

At this time we do not offer ring resizing services, which is why our home try-on is an extremely helpful tool in helping you not only find a wedding band that you love, but a wedding band that fits!

What is the average ring size for a man?

The average ring size for men is a size 9. We recommend using the average men's ring size to determine the best size to order for your home try-on. Remember, we provide a real ring sizing tool within your home try-on to firm up your fit before placin

Does Hitched offer custom (quarter) sizes?

Today, we offer quarter sizes for our 14K gold bands for a small fee. Unfortunately, we do not offer quarter sizes for any of our contemporary metal wedding bands such as tungsten or ceramic.

Is there a time of day that I should size my finger?

Size your finger later in the day. Our fingers change sizes throughout the day. They tend to be a little puffy in the morning and then shrink down later on. Fingers swell in warm weather and reduce in size when cold. They also tend to expand when you